I’m an artist and photographer. I’ve shot weddings for all types of people all over the world. I help couples tell the story of their special day by capturing images that last a lifetime. 

As your wedding professional, I value our relationship as much as you'll value the results I deliver. It’s easy for me to find joy in each moment — we’ll end the day feeling like new friends. 

I value where you are on your journey. I love what I do and I work with people who are truly in love. You are committed to each other and I’m committed to you. 

You’ll see I’m more than a photographer:

I'm a door-opener,
I'm a tissue-getter,
I'm a dress-carrier,
I’m a groom calmer-downer.

I’m a human who cares and who dares to do more than just hold a camera. 

You cry, I cry. 

You’ll go through so much in a wedding day and there's no way to practice for it. But in this art, I’ve had lots of practice. That’s why I always give you the time you need to breathe and be together. That is what’s most important: Being. 

Whether we climb mountains, wade in rivers, or dance in a field full of flowers —
We can kick off our shoes and chase sunset to create memories you’ll remember always, and stories you’ll never forget. 

The photos that will soon grace your wall or be shared with friends and family are important reminders of these moments that became memories, feelings.

I’m looking forward to working together. 
On your wedding day and forever.


Katelyn Wollet Photography
Katelyn Wollet LLC